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Creating content to help families navigate life adventurously!

About Canary Entertainment Studios

Canary Entertainment Studios is a budding new multi-media ​film, and animation start-up company that creates socially ​responsible content for children and families. The studio is ​founded upon the belief that a child’s space is a sacred ​playground to be handled with imaginative care. Canary ​Entertainment Studios is located in Atlanta, GA; a leading ​destination in the world for filming.

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Our Content

From a young girl struggling to overcome depression to an opera singing pigeon-eagle looking for a new life in ​the lap of luxury, Canary's content is imaginative, emotionally intelligent, original, and fun!

We are currently looking for partnerships, sponsors, and investors to bring our ideas to film, television, streaming ​platforms and to kick off our inaugural animated short film, Untitled: A Girl's Journey.

Untitled: A Girl’s Journey

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Hey how was your weekend

Penelope & Simon

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Our Purpose

In the 1900s, canary birds were placed in ​coal mines to protect the lives of miners. If ​the atmosphere became foul, the canary ​stopped singing and began to show ​unmistakable signs of distress. Then the ​miners knew that the atmosphere must be ​changed quickly or they must get out.

Our goal is quite similar. We aspire to help ​families see through difficult times with the ​power of storytelling and to bring a unique ​brand of children's entertainment to the world!

Coal Mine

Meet the partners who help us transform lives

The Film Collaborative

The Film Collaborative is a 501c3, and the first ​nonprofit focused on distribution education. TFC ​educates and helps filmmakers with all aspects ​of distribution without taking rights.

Educational Resources

As of 2022, 32.8% of all books sold in the United States were ​children’s books. Many children will not have an opportunity to ​explore the worlds around them or travel in their youth, but ​reading gives every child a passport to new experiences and ​incredible adventures that leave indelible marks and amazing ​lessons well into their adult lives.

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Canary Entertainment Studios aims to transform some of our animated short films into storybooks, novels and graphic novels.

Our Outreach

Internship Program

We currently offer project-​based in-person and virtual ​internships to high school ​and college-level illustrators, ​animators, and graphic ​design artists.

Educational Outreach

We provide workshops ​and interactive clinics to ​school districts in Dekalb, ​Fulton, and Cobb County.

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I'm Elizabeth

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, my passion ​for animated content and film developed early. I ​grew up watching Public Broadcasting Television ​and almost anything animated. Inspired by the ​music used in animation and film, my educational ​journey led me to pursue studies at institutions ​such as Interlochen Center for the Arts, The ​Juilliard School, and private opera studies at ​Emory University.

For over a decade, my passions for music and ​media led me to share my knowledge as an ​educator and voice-over actor. However, my vision ​ultimately led to the establishment of Canary ​Entertainment Studios—a children’s entertainment ​company.

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